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Strengthening the Impact Investing Ecosystem at PVCC23

PVCC 2023 stage

ALIVE recently participated in the Peru Venture Capital Conference 2023 (PVCC 2023), the largest venture capital conference in Peru and one of the most significant of its kind in the region. Organized by PECAP, the event brought together over 1,000 attendees, including investors, startups, and other organizations, with the participation of more than 100 national and international speakers over two days filled with workshops, working sessions, and panels.

As an active participant in this dialogue, ALIVE took part in two panels and co-led two events during the conference, contributing to the narrative around impact investing and the future of educational technology in Peru and the region.

Tendencias en la inversión de impacto

In the "Trends in Impact Investment" panel, ALIVE had the privilege of moderating a conversation that shed light on the impact investment ecosystem within the venture capital industry. Conversations with key players in the ecosystem, such as Magdalena Coronel (BID Lab), Jaime Bastidas (EWA Capital), Martin Aspíllaga (Salkantay Ventures), and Lina Gomez, explored the changing landscape of impact investing.

ALIVE also participated in the "Investing in the Future: Edtech" panel, where, alongside Andre Bennin (Rethink Education) and Daniella Raffo (VelezReyes+), they discussed the latest trends in educational technology and the role of technology in improving access and the quality of education in the region.

Co-leading Two Events at PVCC 2023

Networking WeInvest

In addition to participating in the panels, ALIVE co-led two significant events during the conference.

The first was the "WeInvest Panel & Lunch", a space co-led by WeInvest ambassadors in Peru, Elizabeth Acuña (AVP Ventures), and Pia Morante, Director of Investments at ALIVE.

This event brought together more than 50 women investors in a networking lunch where they shared experiences and learnings. They also listened to an inspiring panel moderated by Elizabeth Acuña on "Women leading investments: building a diverse future," featuring figures from the ecosystem such as Carolina Huaranca (First Close Partners), Angie Carrillo (Hustle Fund), Begoña Ortiz (Cometa), and Amparo Nalvarte (B89).

The second event was the workshop "Innovative Instruments to catalyze impact investment," organized by Aliados de Impacto (NAB Peru) and co-led by Marisela Vega (Executive Director) and Pia Morante.

With the participation of over 60 stakeholders in the local impact investment ecosystem, including international cooperation agencies, government, impact investors, foundations, and corporations, the workshop delved into various blended finance instruments to attract impact capital to the country. Experts such as Maria Laura Tinelli (Acrux Partners), Jonathan Duarte (CrossBoundary), Elsa Cortijo (Root Capital), and Lina Maria Cuervo shared relevant experiences from the region, enriching the conversation and fostering collaboration.

To learn more about the event, follow this link.


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