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ALIVE Earns Highest 'Private Equity" Score in Latam for its Responsible Investing Practices

Every year, signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investing (PRIs) – a global organization promoting the integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance factors (ESG) into investment decision-making – complete a reporting questionnaire designed to encourage transparency and to inform decision-making for improving ESG practices over time.

drivers of responsible investment
Drivers of responsible investment according to the PRIs

ALIVE has been a signatory since 2019 and, as with all PRI signatories, has reported publicly on our responsible investment activities each year.

The 2023 results were recently published and ALIVE received three and four stars out of five in "Confidence Building Measures" and "Policy, Governance, Strategy," respectively. In the "Direct–Private Equity" category, ALIVE received five out of five stars, achieving the highest score out of all signatories in Latin America (a score of 98 out of 100).

According to the PRIs, "the Private equity (PE) module aims to capture the signatory’s responsible investment approach for private equity investments in aggregate.

Some of the elements of our responsible investing approach which were evaluated in the PRIs annual assessment include:

  • Incorporating responsible investment commitments in LPAs

  • Assessing ESG materiality at the portfolio company level for all investments

  • Using environmental and social factors detailed in the IFC Performance Standards in ESG materiality analyses

  • Annually tracking KPIs on Environmental, Social, and Governance factors

  • Developing company-specific ESG action plans based on pre-investment research, due diligence and materiality findings

The results from the 2023 PRI assessment highlights not only ALIVE's commitment to transparency, governance, and responsible decision-making, but the work we have done over the years to continuously refine and improve our approach.

Moving forward, ALIVE will continue to enhance our responsible investment practices, taking a proactive approach to integrating ESG considerations throughout our investment processes, delivering sustainable value for our stakeholders across the spectrum.

To read more about each of the Principles and what it means to be a Signatory, click here.


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