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About Levee


LEVEE is a recruiting automation platform focused on sourcing low skill workers for large corporates, with a disruptive solution powered by machine-learning and AI. Founded in 2016, LEVEE’s mission is to democratize income opportunities for the base of the pyramid. Levee’s platform has an outsized impact on historically underserved populations, helping women, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals access formal work which improves their lives, builds confidence, and helps reduce the gender pay gap in LATAM.  

Impact Measurement



Levee Impact Performance Snapshot

The study found that Levee performs particularly well on gender and diversity inclusion metrics and on helping applicants find stable, quality jobs.

Quality Of Life

Nearly 9 in 10 of Levee Hired Candidates report that their quality of life has improved thanks to Levee.


80% of Levee Hired candidates want to stay at their current job for more than a year.

81% of female Levee Hired candidates reported increased confidence.

50% reduction in gender pay gap among hired candidates.

Other Insights

Impact Overview

Of Levee Hired Candidates the vast majority report improved quality of life and a desire to stay at their job, indicating the high quality of the jobs being formalized, and nearly half report their financial dependence on others has decreased since getting hired through Levee.


Levee is contributing to reducing the gender pay gap, as the income gap between men and women halved after candidates were hired through the Levee platform.


A random sample of Levee candidates were surveyed via an online survey to study the impacts of Levee's recruitment platform. 60 Decibels surveyed 489 beneficiaries across three segments: 

Non-Levee Hired Candidates (15%): These candidates are currently employed, but did not find their existing role through the Levee platform. 

Levee Hired Candidates (32%): These candidates were currently employed AND found their existing role through the Levee platform.  The impact analysis  is primarily focused on this cohort.

Unemployed (54%): Not currently employed; actively searching. 

Average candidate age:


Beneficiary Demographics

High school education or less


About  1 in 5  identify as LGBTQ+
Gender of candidates





Beneficiary voices

“For me it was the only platform that worked and I got a job. I was unemployed for a long time.”
- Female, 40

“I achieved financial stability and as a result I am realizing my dreams little by little.”
- Male, 29  

I managed to start my adult life / financial independence through this app. I don't have enough words to thank you.” 

- Female, Age 20 

Primary heads of household


Findings That Jumped Out:

Levee is helping foster a more inclusive workforce by providing quality job opportunities to individuals that have been historically excluded in Brazil, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ candidates. 

Underserved communities:

1 in 5 Levee candidates lives in poverty – almost equal to the national average in Brazil – and nearly half are from low-income households (living on less than USD11/day.

Benchmark comparison

Levee vastly outperformed 60 Decibels global benchmarks on its reach to female workers and on the percentage of users reporting challenges using its product. 

About 60 Decibels

This study was conducted in partnership with 60 Decibels, an impact measurement company that helps organizations around the world better understand their customers, suppliers, and beneficiaries. Its proprietary approach, Lean Data, brings customer centricity, speed and responsiveness to impact measurement.

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