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About Crehana


Crehana is an online learning platform that facilitates access to non-formal education for Spanish-speaking students across Latin America, by allowing students to develop creative and digital skills through project-based courses developed by industry experts. To date, through its online library of courses, Crehana has helped millions of people develop new skills, many of whom access online learning content for the first time via Crehana's platform. 

Impact Measurement Study

Crehana Impact Performance Snapshot

The majority of students accessing Crehana’s learning platform are first time online learners and report being able to quickly apply what they are learning, noting that overall Crehana has positively changed their lives in a variety of ways. 

Quality Of Life

77% reported that their quality of life has improved.


73% reported using the skills that they learned in their jobs.

82% say their confidence in themselves and their abilities has improved .

Two thirds of those who were able to apply the skills learned in their jobs were able to do so within days.


Impact Overview

Crehana generates social impact by helping users gain usable skills, which they can then apply to improve career development outcomes.  This impact study sought to understand how learners were impacted by their use of Crehana's courses.


In addition to contribution to an overall improvement in self-reported quality of life, the content Crehana produces across its platform appears to be highly applicable, as 7 out of 10 students had used what they had learned in their work, most within a matter of days.


The project, conducted in partnership with 60 Decibels, was implemented using an online survey delivered to a random sample of Crehana users across main countries where the company had a user base (as of early 2021).

Survey method: Online


Colombia, Mexico, Peru

Random sample of Crehana users with an even split between countries.

Beneficiaries surveyed: 
651 students

“I learned to have a perspective of an entrepreneur, how to value myself, and communicate in an assertive manner.” 

“Now I have a broader vision of the areas to focus on in my career. It has also helped me to be more organized and give me the opportunity to learn new things periodically.” 

“Crehana lets me sign-on according to my rhythm and on my time, leaving me updated and with new tools to continue growing professionally.” 

Average student age


A Look at Crehana's Beneficiaries

High school education or less


About  1 in 3  Crehaha students are unemployed
Gender of







Accessing online courses for the first time


Beneficiary voices

Underserved communities:

About 38% of Crehana's students are from low-income communities (households earning less than USD11/day).

Findings That Jumped Out:

One of the most common self-reported outcomes for the students who say quality of life improved  ​is increased productivity at work or a new job.

Benchmark comparison

Crehana reaches far more female students than male students compared to the 60 Decibels global and regional benchmarks.

About 60 Decibels

This study was conducted in partnership with 60 Decibels, an impact measurement company that helps organizations around the world better understand their customers, suppliers, and beneficiaries. Its proprietary approach, Lean Data, brings customer centricity, speed and responsiveness to impact measurement.

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